Ferrybridge Aquatics and Kevin Lawton

Many of you will know Kev and David Lawton from shows and meetings.

Kevin had worked for British Aerospace, building Hawk jets for 34 years and also as a BA Pension Trustee representing 126,000 people. Now redundancy has given Kevin the opportunity to fulfil a lifetime's ambition.

In November 2008 he took the plunge and opened his own tropical and fresh water fish shop in Ferrybridge near Castleford.

This position near the M62 and A1 junction is already attracting aquarists from all over Yorkshire as well as the North-East.

Kev has been an aquarist and breeder for many years and his unrivalled experience shows in his choice of fish, food and equipment. Everyone is impressed by his new shop.

To win as many trophies as Kev and David have, you have to have high standards and this shows when look around all the fish tanks.

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Ferrybridge Aquatics Shop Aquariums

Ferrybridge Aquatics Shop Aquariums