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About Ferrybridge Aquatics

Many of you will know Kev and David Lawton from fish shows and meetings over the years. In 2008 Kevin took the plunge and opened his own tropical and freshwater fish shop in Ferrybridge near Knottingley, West Yorkshire.

Ferrybridge Aquatics has gained a reputation as being one of the best aquatic shops in the country, winning numerous industry awards over the past years, thanks to our focus on ensuring that our fish are of the highest standard, as well having a dedicated team who are all hobbyists themselves, meaning they are best placed to serve the needs of our customers. To quote a national fish keeping magazine who visited the shop in 2019 ”it is difficult to know what is best, the staff or the stock.”

Expanding beyond tropical and freshwater fish, we introduced our marine section in 2010 applying the same principles to our marine stock as we do to tropical and freshwater fish. What’s more, In 2017 we expanded by moving into a larger shop across the road from our old premises. Although this involved moving over 150 tanks of fish, as well as spending a number of months adapting the new premises, the effort has definitely paid off; the current premises has allowed us to expand the number of products sold as well as making it easier for our customers to view and appreciate our fish stock.

Kevin and David remain keen hobbyists and continue to apply the hobbyist mentality to their shop and their customer’s needs.

Current Awards - 2019/20

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

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Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

Our Reviews


Great selection

Always a real pleasure to shop here. Great selection of everything aquatic along with very fair prices. Well worth a visit.

Friendly & knowledgeable

Will continue to come here for supplies since getting all their help for buying our first fish tank.


Will be returning

Lovely people. Great service. Will definitely be going there again.

Helpful staff

I love coming here because there is always something unusual or rare to get that you very rarely see available.