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Frequently Asked Questions

We can deliver the Aqua One range of tanks.

There’s a £40 delivery charge for items under £300.

For all other tanks, there’s a £25 delivery charge within 5 miles of the shop; £40 within 10 miles of the shop; £40 + £1 per mile over 10 miles from the shop.

Two-man delivery including VAT. This is not a pallet delivery like on the internet, this is an arranged delivery inside the house .

A cabinet to be built on request for £40 including VAT.

We don’t currently deliver fish.

We get new fish in at least once a week, however it tends to be around 3 times a week.

We stock a huge range of tropical and a big range of marines and corals, and we do stock a decent amount of cold-water aquarium fish.

Yes for 25 litres it costs:
RO – £2.50
Salt – £5

We can possibly rehome fish HOWEVER you must phone the shop fish because it will massively depend on our stock levels and if we have any tanks available. If you don’t phone the shop beforehand there is a high possibility that you and your fish will be turned away.

With a handful of exceptions, the majority are

1 – £1.80

6 – £9.00

10 – £12.00

20 – £23.00

Overall, not particularly, although more patience is required and the quantity of fish you can keep tends to be less. The main difference is water testing, more elements and more frequently, and the overall cost.