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Live & Frozen Fish Food

Live Fish Food

Our livefood delivery arrives on a Friday and is kept in cold conditions to ensure freshness, however we recommend you pick it up as soon as possible to guarantee this.

We also are able to order the livefood in huge quantities. For more detail contact us.

We offer an in-store subscription service: you order what you would like and we reserve it for you on a weekly basis. Contact us for more information.

Livefood is very popular. Please call in to guarantee we have any left and if you want any put aside.

altum angelfish eating frozen food

Altum Angelfish eating frozen food 

stingray and pike characin eating frozen food

Stingray and Pike characin eating frozen food 

Special Orders

We are able to order other livefoods on special request. Please see all the options here:

Please contact us if you’d like to order.

Frozen Fish Food

Available to collect in store. We are able to get other frozen foods, however prices may vary, please contact the store for more details.

Aquadip (Prices per Pack)

1 : £2.25
6 : £12.00
12 : £23.00
18 : £36.00

100g Bags : £3.50

  • River Shrimp:
  • Whole Mussel
  • Lancefish

Ocean Nutrition Range £3.25:

  • Marine Mix
  • Brine Shrimp with Spirulina and Garlic
  • Mysis with Spirulina and Garlic

Baby Brine Shrimp 50g : £4.50

Our Live Fish Food Products

The best quality food available for your fish, available in store:

brine shrimp fish food

Brine Shrimp


capepods fish food



phytoplankton fish food



daphnia fish food



Baby Brine Shrimp


bloodworm fish food - small

Bloodworm Small


bloodworm fish food - large

Bloodworm Large


glassworm fish food



River Shrimp


Our Frozen Fish Food Products

The best quality food available for your fish, available in store:

Chopped Meat

Beef Heart